How to Build Your Brand Identity?

To have a business that lasts long, is to have a brand that is remembered.

People remember things because of the consistency. Clear, consistent message that is able to touch our values. We are here to help you build an identity that shines and connects with other people.

Whether you’re an established business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, we help you craft an everlasting identity for your business with comprehensive line of services such as:  visual identity, illustration, print & graphics, and packaging.

From Concept to Reality: Visual Identity That Shines

Our work aims to transform the concept in clients' minds into reality.Through in-depth research and analyzing client’s situation, we go beyond aesthetics and more into creating identity that is strategic for your brand.

Identity that stays in your mind is the interchange between logo system, typography, and color.

It is important to have a visual cornerstone, in the form of a logo, to represent your brand. We help to make it consistent in the form of logo system and brand guidelines.

Typography is also necessary to communicate your brand personality. Whether you want to be perceived as serious, relaxed, fun, or elegant, typography shows it all.

Last but not least, to evoke the emotions in your brand, we help you choose the appropriate color for your brand.


Building Connection through Illustration

Illustrations communicate a sense of originality and authenticity of your product. They help you connect with your audience with the same set of values that you bring in your brand.

Our service provides creation of illustrations that will suit the values of your business.


Just the Right Collaterals: Prints & Graphics

Marketing for your business can be exhaustive, but not if you have the right collateral. We understand that print and graphic materials are an important part of marketing efforts.

Our service provides prints & graphics that can be incorporated into your promotional materials.


Beyond the Box: More than Just a Packaging

Business tends to overlook the importance of packaging for your product. It is not only about safety or aesthetics, but also a tool for recognition — a memorable packaging with attentive craft.

Our service provides thoughtful work to create memorable packaging for your products, beyond the box!

Thinking by yourself is hard, but we are here. Explore the many possibilities of creating your brand identity with Studio TF/S


Frequently Asked Questions. Here are the questions that most often come up, and this is how we respond.

Why is brand identity important for my business?

Brand identity is a crucial part of your business because it helps you differentiate and communicate the values and personality of your brand. At the end of the day, a consistent implementation of brand identity will create recognition and loyalty from your audience.

How long does it take to develop brand identity?

On average, it took around 4-6 weeks to complete a project depending on business objective and scope of work. Our service is conducted in four different steps: researching, defining issues, designing, and delivering. Our service is meticulously planned and involves our clients in every step of the process. brand identity will create recognition and loyalty from your audience.

Can I only design a logo for my business?

Yes, but it also depends on the business. Sometimes, only presenting a logo is not enough to incite brand awareness. We recommend branding through systematic visual identities, and we will help you achieve that.

What does a good logo, typography, and color for your brand look like?

Creating identity that is relevant for your audience and consistent with your values are the most important things. Logo, typography, colors, or any design elements that can touch people’s heart and stay true to your values.